June 2018 Newsletter


June is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Something about the start of summer gets us feeling inspired. Summer is synonymous with making treasured memories. There are endless opportunities for fun, and it should also give us permission to relax and pamper. That’s the reminder we’re sharing with you!

Take care of yourself. Refresh your skin with a facial. Come in for a treatment after an action-packed weekend. We have some pretty fantastic promotions this month for you!

Just a reminder, we celebrate dads this month, too! Father’s Day is June 17. Stop in and pick up a gift for the special dads in your life.

See you soon!

Professional Waxing Is For You!

Bikini, legs, underarms, chest, back. We can wax it all! Stop spending time shaving every day and enjoy weeks of hair-free, smooth, summer-ready skin!

Purchase a full body wax and receive a complimentary sunscreen!

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For Men Only!

Your Dad, Your Husband, Your Brother …

Happy Father’s Day! Dads love to be appreciated, too! They never do it for themselves. Give them something special: A trip to the spa!

Choose from the following Father’s Day promotions:

- Purchase $125 in gift cards, get a $25 gift card FREE!

- Purchase one Gentlemen’s Facial and receive any facial kit at 25% OFF!

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Dry Shampoo

Easy hair. Do care. That’s the new motto. With summer here, dry shampoo is the answer when your hair needs a boost. Dry shampoo works with the natural oils on your scalp to give it a fresher, cleaner appearance.

“Eye Of The Tiger,” Survivor + 25 Other Songs To Get Pumped Up

We wanted some pumped-up motivation this month. We’ve been digging “Eye of the Tiger,” because honestly it just makes us feel like Rocky running those stairs. If you want music to pump you up, look for Get Pumped! Your Top 25 Workout Songs from Muscle and Fitness.

Small Great Things, Jodi Picoult


With richly layered characters and a gripping moral dilemma that will lead readers to question everything they know about privilege, power, and race, Small Great Things is the stunning new page-turner from Jodi Picoult. Get it on Amazon!

If you often feel overwhelmed with the events, activities and obligations in life, you might be saying “Yes” too often. This is sometimes an overlooked piece to self-care. Saying “No” means respecting yourself and your time and it is an important key to happiness.

Get Summer-Ready With Professional Waxing

If you want a hair-free summer without the hassle of constant shaving and uncomfortable, irritated skin, then you need to reserve a time to see us for professional waxing.

That bikini line of yours is dreading the next time you pull out the razor in the shower. We can just imagine it saying, “Please, not again!” The professional waxing we provide is long-lasting so you can put on your swimsuit and enjoy the pool or beach with no concerns.

Not planning on spending time in an “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini?” That’s okay, but the next time you put on your summer dress, why not have your legs smooth, shiny and free of hair? Plus, if you’re attending any big event this summer, professional waxing is a must. You know that feeling when you sit down and the sun shines across your legs and then highlights a patch of hair you missed shaving? Been there.

Oh, and men, we aren’t forgetting about you! If you’re ready to say bye-bye to that back hair or chest hair, come see us. We use high-quality wax and the spa estheticians have years of experience.

Whatever your waxing needs, we can provide the best experience.

Waxing provides beautiful results, not only for your summer skin but for your eyebrows, your face and all over your body. If you have questions about waxing or have a concern about your skin, call us or send us a message to reserve a time today.

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes are so yummy and perfect for long, lazy days. They’re cute, festive, tasty, and look great for entertaining. So, get busy on these pop-in-your-mouth, fresh appetizers.

See you soon at Ansley Marie’s Salon & Spa!