Collagen Lip Mask

Pucker up!

Soothe, plump and hydrate your lips in just one treatment. This is a micro-infused, collagen gel mask with hyaluronic acid and vitamins C & E that work to moisturize, plump and re-hydrate thinning lips to create a more full and moisturized appearance.

Collagen Eye Mask

My eye’s on you!

Want to get rid of puffy eyes, dark circles, crows feet or a hangover? Soothe, plump and hydrate under the eyes in just one treatment.

Collagen Face Mask

A win for your skin!

Do you have dry, aging skin, dark spots or acne? Even your skin tone, improve elasticity and minimize fine lines in just one treatment.

Collagen Neck Mask

Neck issues?

Is your neck aging faster than your face? The Décolletage Smoother is so great, you’ll wonder where your wattle went! Look and feel 10 years younger in just one treatment!


LED Facial Mask

Light up a room!

Whether you are concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, acne, redness or losing collagen, we can add on an LED facial mask to any facials. Let the esthetician analyze your skin and help you decide which LED light will be best for your skin.